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New dSLR

I also just upgraded my dSLR. It’s a Canon 40D. Here’s a shoutout to Ken. This is IMG_0001 from the camera. I realized while downloading this picture, that I should’ve shot something more creative. Oh well, at least it’s actually a picture of something.

It’s been about 3.5 years and I’m upgrading the small digital camera again. The current camera is a Canon SD300, which is the same form factor as the Canon SD400, SD450 and about 1mm thinner than the SD500. Although I own an SLR, a small camera serves many purposes. Form Factor. You always need a [...]

10 Worst Hiking Songs

The National Geographic Adventure blog has an article about the 10 worst hiking songs. However, they’re probably the 10 best songs to annoy ppl when you’re drunk.

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SuperMario in Javascript

Arrow keys is move. Up arrow is jump. Blog article: http://blog.nihilogic.dk/2008/04/super-mario-in-14kb-javascript.html Regular version: no music or with music Double size: no music or with music

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Since I live in the Bay Area, there’s really no reason to go do touristy stuff until some friends get into town. My friend, Mike from Iowa, came into town, so we decided to go. The tour price of $25 is a pretty good deal. It includes the boat ride and a free audiotour which [...]

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