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Cnet has a photo gallery / article, “World’s Most Efficient Solar Dish?” “This is actually the most efficient solar collector in existence,” said Doug Wood, an inventor based in Washington state who patented key parts of the dish’s design. They forget that this thing will cook any birds or bugs that fly nearby, so I [...]

Google Maps Street View

Google Street View is becoming much more useful. If you look carefully (ignoring the arrows), the angle & aspect of the views are going to be for a GPS unit view if you can get your phone or other device connected to it. Now someone needs to create a quick hack for this to work [...]

Electronics time

I’m starting an small electronics project in my garage this month and I just completed the first pass at my workbench setup. The famous people in Silicon Valley created their work in their garages, so I’m planning to do the same. — The workbench — Close up. That’s an power supply, solar panels, Arduino Diecimila [...]

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Garden 2008

Some garden pictures with the new SLR. Tomato Flowers. I’m growing cherry tomatoes this year. 5 plants worth. — Mini Grapes. There’s a grape vine. It’s regular table grapes, nothing fancy. — The grapes are being trained onto a wire that I have going across the whole fence line. Maybe in about 2 more years, [...]

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