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Free TV shows on the internet

Gizmodo posted list of TV shows online. Ideally, I was hoping to see a webpage that has looked like a TV guide, but then you realized that these online TV shows are on-demand. So you don’t need a time table.

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Latest scams

I haven’t been scammed, but this is what I’ve seen lately. I’ve also been trying to sell my car recently. 1. “Your auto warranty is expiring“. If you google the out of state phone number that dials you, then you’ll find that these guys are calling anyone that they can get a phone number for. [...]

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PDF Graph Paper

http://konigi.com/tools/graph-paper 7 Styles to pick from. Great for graphics designers or frugal people like myself who’s too lazy to go and buy some graph paper to sketch on.

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More Gov Sarah Palin Funnies

Many news websites are suggesting that tomorrow’s Vice Presidential debates will be more watched than the Presidential debates. Probably since Gov Sarah Palin is attracting so much attention. So,… to prep everyone for tomorrow’s debates. I’ve linked a couple of the SNL (Saturday Night Live) skits with Tina Fey and also a funny CBS real [...]

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Gov. Sarah Palin had her Yahoo account hacked on 9/16. http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Sarah_Palin_Yahoo_inbox_2008 Just a warning to you guys out there. You seriously need to have good passwords as well as the “forgot my password” questions. Helpful links below: About.com: Stay Secure & Private http://email.about.com/od/staysecureandprivate/qt/et_password_sec.htm

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