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Microsoft Excel for Mac Tip

This always annoyed me. Now I know how to do it! HOWTO: Add a carriage return inside a cell Ctrl + Option + Return = on Mac Alt + Enter = on Windows I got some help from this article, but had to figure out the keyboard shortcut anyways. Top Ten Excel Annoyances [WindowsDevCenter.com]

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Online music store wars are over

Amazon just released their online MP3 music store today. You can download the extremely compatible MP3 format for the same prices as the iTunes Music Store without any DRM. The wars are over. I’m definitely buying from Amazon if I want a single song or old album. I’ll still buy my new albums as a [...]

Last week’s $200 price drop was too much to bear. I’ve bought the Apple iPhone. Well, the 4GB version for the clearance price of $275 (after a friend’s 15% discount). The 4GB is good in the meantime while I wait for the 3G version of the phone to come out. Now that I have it, [...]

SMS stock alerts

For all the people who DON’T have an iPhone… Sadly, there’s no free service with constantly updating stock alerts, unless one of the online calendar applications will eventually have it. Or maybe I’ll have to write something like that for the fun of it. All being said: There is on-demand SMS stock alerts by Google [...]

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Google Maps, My Maps

Haven’t paid attention to this feature, but today I finally played with it. The my maps is nice because it’s quite advanced and lets you map different points and draw lines and shapes. I’m really just interested in having a few saved locations, like errand locations near work. So here’s an example of what I’ve [...]

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