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JS-Kit. Rate my new theme

I’m attempting to see if this new WP theme is going to work well. I’ll probably modify it later to add more links to pictures etc. Why don’t you guys give me some feedback? How do you like this new theme? Results are minimally logged here through the JS-Kit ratings widget. And that’s about it. [...]

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Google Maps Street View

Google Street View is becoming much more useful. If you look carefully (ignoring the arrows), the angle & aspect of the views are going to be for a GPS unit view if you can get your phone or other device connected to it. Now someone needs to create a quick hack for this to work [...]

It’s been about 3.5 years and I’m upgrading the small digital camera again. The current camera is a Canon SD300, which is the same form factor as the Canon SD400, SD450 and about 1mm thinner than the SD500. Although I own an SLR, a small camera serves many purposes. Form Factor. You always need a [...]

SuperMario in Javascript

Arrow keys is move. Up arrow is jump. Blog article: http://blog.nihilogic.dk/2008/04/super-mario-in-14kb-javascript.html Regular version: no music or with music Double size: no music or with music

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