I’ve created a blog specifically for Diana and my adventures in Japan. It’s easier to point people back to our original wedding site, since the blog will be more personal and it’s easier for both of us to send links out to friends and co-workers. And as the URL would suggest, both Diana and I will be authoring.

The new blog, http://blog.diana-henry.com/, will contain topics like: travel journal, foodie pics, maybe some photo blogging, maybe some mobile phone photo blogging from Tokyo streets, video casting, etc.

The new site is run with my blog engine of choice, WordPress. I’m still posting photos in my usual location with password protection, http://photos.diana-henry.com.

This blog, http://hank.ricefarm.net will probably not be updated as much.

I’ve also started a more professional blog, http://hsmack.com/, so I can focus on more nerd topics, like hardware projects and software. I’ll also be using that site to test and use SEO, search engine optimization, techniques to improve the rankings of the blog. Again, everything is always a playground for me.