Well I’m back up in Seattle for work again. My typical trips involve leaving Sunday, if possible, and staying overnight so I’m not hella tired from a 6:30am flight (i.e. waking up at 4am).

Today, I couldn’t take a Sunday flight…
4am: wake up
4:30am: get to the gate (I have been caught one time being late at 5am and the security line was a 45 min wait, so I’m always early these days)
6:30 am: fly out
8:30 am: arrive in SEA-TAC
10 am: fight through traffic for an hour (yea there’s a I405 here and it sucks too, and then arrive at the other office.
4:30 or 5:30pm: go back through bad traffic
8 or 8:30pm: fly back home. usually I wait 2 hours at the airport. It’s better than staying at work and “working”.

During my 2 hour wait, I usually do 2 things. Eat & drink in the airport at the same spot. Anthony’s Fish Bar (connected to Anthony’s restaurant, slightly pricier). Then head over to Alaska Lounge for a Alaskan Pale Ale. Then I call my mom and talk to her, mostly complaining of boredom, for about 30-45 min.

Anthony’s Fish Bar rocks. $5 a fish taco. 2 choices. Mahi-mahi and Alaskan Rod Cod (yea Seattle ppl are all about Alaska. I should ask them about Sarah Palin… wait nm). I usually eat 2 Rock Cod tacos. It’s topped with mango-kiwi salsa with red cabbage and a flour tortilla. Good stuff. I eat here EVERY time. That’s 3 times in a row.

Anthony's Fish Bar

Next…. Alaska Lodge. Alaskan Pale Ale

Alaska Lodge

mmm…. beer