In the past, I was a 100% Firefox user until I bought the iPhone. Now I am a 100% Safari 3 user, because using the the iPhone pushes you to Safari 3 due to the bookmarks integration. I also have a .Mac account which has it’s benefits, if I actually manage my bookmarks effectively.

Safari 3 is very fast, compared to the older versions of Firefox (until Now I think both browsers are very fast, but due to iPhone integration, I’m about 100% Safari these days. I’m actually pretty happy about Safari 3 since, in my opinion, it’s latest release fixes a ton of the slow javascript performance (in Google apps especially, like Google Finance) and thus makes it very usable.

As usual, the last site to fix all their problems is Yahoo Mail, which just recently I’ve noticed that they’ve allowed Safari users to use the internet like it was designed.

Yahoo Mail on Safari 3

If anyone hasn’t been using it already, I’d recommend it over the Classic view since you can filter or mark spam messages faster when you disable the preview panel.

One of the questions that I get sometimes is why I haven’t switched to Gmail? I have a Gmail account. The legacy yahoo account from back in the day still remains so I just use it.