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I’ve created a blog specifically for Diana and my adventures in Japan. It’s easier to point people back to our original wedding site, since the blog will be more personal and it’s easier for both of us to send links out to friends and co-workers. And as the URL would suggest, both Diana and I will be authoring.

The new blog, http://blog.diana-henry.com/, will contain topics like: travel journal, foodie pics, maybe some photo blogging, maybe some mobile phone photo blogging from Tokyo streets, video casting, etc.

The new site is run with my blog engine of choice, WordPress. I’m still posting photos in my usual location with password protection, http://photos.diana-henry.com.

This blog, http://hank.ricefarm.net will probably not be updated as much.

I’ve also started a more professional blog, http://hsmack.com/, so I can focus on more nerd topics, like hardware projects and software. I’ll also be using that site to test and use SEO, search engine optimization, techniques to improve the rankings of the blog. Again, everything is always a playground for me.


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Moving to Japan, the schedule.

Diana and I are moving to Tokyo, Japan in 6 days. Packing tomorrow 11/18, Wed to Friday. Friday is the day the professional movers, who are very well paid by Diana’s company, will be packing everything in the house.

This weekend, should be a quite open. We are planning to test drive cars. I’m selling or donating my ’95 Mazda Protege LX, and we’ll need to buy a car when we move back from Japan, eventually. So, we’re test driving cars, so we can have an idea of what we want (from a cheaper used car) when we get back. Good planning right?

Monday morning, we’re getting on our flight.

We’ll be maxing out our luggage though. So, according to our air carrier, flights to & from the US for economy class are:

The total linear dimensions for each piece of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm (62 in., derived by adding the height, width and length). Each piece must not weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs.). Furthermore, the sum of the linear dimensions of two pieces must not exceed 273 cm (107 in.).

luggage size diagram

For other international flights, the limit is 20 kg. Which means, that we probably might want to buy a travel scale so we can avoid the overweight luggage fees when we travel in Asia later this year.

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Did you vote today? I did

It’s very important in each election to vote. This year it’s a tight race for President. There’s also some incredibly important California propositions to vote on.

To the truly apathetic people out there….
Sometimes if you don’t vote, you’re just letting someone else win.

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October Seattle Trip 2008

Well I’m back up in Seattle for work again. My typical trips involve leaving Sunday, if possible, and staying overnight so I’m not hella tired from a 6:30am flight (i.e. waking up at 4am).

Today, I couldn’t take a Sunday flight…
4am: wake up
4:30am: get to the gate (I have been caught one time being late at 5am and the security line was a 45 min wait, so I’m always early these days)
6:30 am: fly out
8:30 am: arrive in SEA-TAC
10 am: fight through traffic for an hour (yea there’s a I405 here and it sucks too, and then arrive at the other office.
4:30 or 5:30pm: go back through bad traffic
8 or 8:30pm: fly back home. usually I wait 2 hours at the airport. It’s better than staying at work and “working”.

During my 2 hour wait, I usually do 2 things. Eat & drink in the airport at the same spot. Anthony’s Fish Bar (connected to Anthony’s restaurant, slightly pricier). Then head over to Alaska Lounge for a Alaskan Pale Ale. Then I call my mom and talk to her, mostly complaining of boredom, for about 30-45 min.

Anthony’s Fish Bar rocks. $5 a fish taco. 2 choices. Mahi-mahi and Alaskan Rod Cod (yea Seattle ppl are all about Alaska. I should ask them about Sarah Palin… wait nm). I usually eat 2 Rock Cod tacos. It’s topped with mango-kiwi salsa with red cabbage and a flour tortilla. Good stuff. I eat here EVERY time. That’s 3 times in a row.

Anthony's Fish Bar

Next…. Alaska Lodge. Alaskan Pale Ale

Alaska Lodge

mmm…. beer

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JS-Kit. Rate my new theme

I’m attempting to see if this new WP theme is going to work well. I’ll probably modify it later to add more links to pictures etc. Why don’t you guys give me some feedback?

How do you like this new theme?

Results are minimally logged here through the JS-Kit ratings widget. And that’s about it.

Since I find JS-Kit’s tools pretty cool, I’ll attempt to have a wall on the right side of my site. Since JS-Kit doesn’t recognize my open-id, I’m probably going to delete the wall and redo it a few times when I get my OpenID working.

So please leave a message ———————————>

(If you’re using an RSS reader, then you’ll need to view the real webpage to see both items, hank.ricefarm.net, to see the wall)

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